Horseback riding

Feeling tired of city life and monotony, want to relax in more productive way. In this case, horseback riding is for you, especially when picturesque places are included. You may not only enjoy the beauty of the nature, but also to practice in riding. You will hear interesting facts about the Carpathians Mountains and enjoy fresh air. Holiday in Bukovel is, perhaps, one of few places where we can get aesthetic pleasure and become healthy.


Sledding is popular type of activity in Carpathians. Such method can be offered to a traveler who wants to visit the most picturesque places of this oasis where he can’t get by other transport. Hotel “Magia Karpat” can organize long sledding tours. Tack up horses and spend time in decorated with ribbons and bells sled. This recreation is ideal for those who wish to conquer the peak after the peak of the Carpathian Mountains.

Regardless of age and physical qualities, everyone could feel himself as a mountain conqueror while visiting amazing places of Carpathians. With experienced instructor you will sit firmly in the saddle even if you are a beginner. You will be instructed how to ride and how to take care of animals.

Why riding is useful

Riding is wonderful way of active leisure and it can renew and improve your organism. During riding you will train the muscles of the whole body, improve overall body condition and learn how to keep balance. It is well-known fact that riding is good for endocrine, respiratory and nervous systems; it also improves blood circulation. Doctors recommend riding for people with spinal curvature, disturbed blood circulation, asthma, functional bowel disorders and other diseases.

What do you need to know about riding

Are you interested in watching primary nature and learn how to ride strong and obedient animal? You can spend your holidays with a feeling of harmony, joy and carelessness. Thus, riding will be perfect decision for your vacation.

Riding is great way to unite with the nature. Picturesque scenes of mountains are an excellent way to relax and improve health. You may also obtain interesting facts about history of the Carpathians and at the same time practice your riding skills while enjoying the riding and breathing fresh air.

Would you like not just discover landscape, but to conquer mountain picks? We will organize for you climbing to Khomyak mountain. Feel yourself as a real tourist!

You have wonderful opportunity for riding during vacation, or make a tour to vivid places of the Carpathian Mountains.

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